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Concierges under contract with owner(s)

My name is Parking

They shall not park bad.

Parker is an official entrepreneur or have a company (identification number required)

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This is Parker.

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Do you know your sector(s)?

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Do you know your Parker(s) ?

You are an owner and want to rent ?

  • Add your parking spot(s) on the App "My name is Parking".
  • Indicate the dates, time slots and the city / district of the available parking place(s)
  • Indicate hourly rates,
  • Complete your ad if necessary (minimum number of rental hours, price parking by night, provision of a charging station for electric vehicles, ...).

Are you a PARKING ?

Anywhere you can park a car as an owner.

A private concierge who welcomes and parks drivers on partner  parking spaces; concierge and owner, both make extra money.

or a PARKER ?

Private concierge under contract with owner

Parkers maximize the profitability of each property. Parking hourly rentals make minimum twice more money than weekly or monthly ones.

Too lazy.

Too busy.

No spaces.



 >>> PARKINGS <<< 

Parking space owner

Recruit your Parker if needed.

Parkers' pay is simple. The more places you manage, the more you earn. Partner owners pay Parkers based on delegated rental hours. Make good money from a space on a private courtyard or a few garages in the same area.

You are allowed to add a parking spot on the "My name is Parking" app only if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • you only add parking spaces for a space that you own or use with the express permission of the owner, and in any case that you are authorized to use for rental purposes;
  • the rented space has a valid insurance;
  • you do not offer more parking space(s) than available(s) in your property or in the one you use.

Be informed about the eligibility of your property(s) to the service and the estimation of your income by registering via the "Join the Parkings" form.

(Apps available in English)


Parker receives 50% for each managed hourly rental (opening / closing accesses for vehicle entrances / exits (within an allotted time))


Each country has its own law on renting parking spaces as an owner.

Please make sure you are allowed to rent parking spaces and if so, how many parking spots you can rent.

Contact us if you need help on parking spaces rental laws in your country.

Parking sign contracts with Parkers to manage their hourly rentals with exceptional or regular missions.


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They shall not park bad.


To join the PARKERS,
you must :

  • be a entrepreneur or have a business (identification number required),
  • have a smartphone,
  • have an allowed means of locomotion,
  • have a liability insurance,
  • have a valid ID.